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Hearing Connections is an advocate for the hard of hearing community in middle Tennessee. Our mission is to to provide low income and under-insured families reduced fee hearing healthcare. We offer hearing tests and hearing aids on a sliding scale based on income and family size, plus we encourage individuals to reconnect to their communities through our give-back approach. Hearing Connections candidates volunteer with other non profit organizations as a compliment to the nominal fee collected for a hearing device.

Our current needs are for donations of hearing devices that we can refurbish and reprogram for Hearing Connections candidates, or trade in for credit on refurbishments. Hearing devices and financial support for Hearing Connections are both tax deductible donations. Contact us to learn more or click below to make a monetary donation now.

Our Mission

Imagine the frustration of missing out on the sounds of nature, details from meetings and conversations, struggling to hear a television, movies, your favorite music. Imagine missing whispers from a loved one. Imagine the danger if you can't hear a smoke detector, an emergency vehicle, or your child crying out for you in the night.

No one should have to just accept the decline in quality of life that comes from hearing loss due to financial burden. With your help, Hearing Connections can bring the gift of hearing back to individuals who could not otherwise afford hearing devices.

Hearing loss doesn't simply affect individuals; it also affects their ability to work, their ability to interact with the community around them, and their ability to provide for and communicate with their families. Hearing loss doesn't just affect the elderly. Children, teens, young adults and seniors... all ages are affected by hearing loss. Together we can educate our community and raise awareness for those who need help.

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